Full Version: DroidTV MX firmware 2014 May
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Hi guys,

we have done the first release of our in-house developed firmware for DroidTV MX.

Installation instructions same as here

Looking forward to hear your comments.
Nice, I am looking forward to test it - but the link does not work, please repair them. And what about changelog/features?
Link has been updated.

Have you got any info on the Rom, what it has/hasn't got, improvements etc?
Can we use the default launcher? I don't like the one you're using in this build...

Is the link down again, i can't seem to access the file.

Can't wait to test it.
Much prefer 3d launcher. Good pre packed apps though
Can someone reupload, i'm getting server issues.

Wheres the Data folder gone to add games and stuff into on the installer....

also xbmc doesn't install from this
XBMC should be there, just keep the SD card in the box for 5-10 mins after the restart.
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