Full Version: DroidTV wizard with popular addons
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Hi guys,

please find attached our wizard which will give you a possibility to download assembled pack of addons. We will be constantly updating it, to add new, fix problems or remove those none working anymore.
Just add it to XBMC as any ordinary addon, instructions on how to install addon from zip file can be found here.
Follow this blog post and video for some illustration on what it is and what it does, together with the list of addons which will be pre-installed.
Thank you!! How to add these to the list.
I have managed to test the box using wired connection but some programs loaded come up with error plug in failed I will let you know which programs wont work I have had to disable my wireless connection to use the wired set up and then found the wireless would not work when reconnected I had to reboot the router can you not use Ethernet and wireless together and is there any way of utilising a wireless connection in the box it would save a lot of hassle as most people in house use wireless for smartphones computer and I pad
Can you point me to the XBMC addon for these channels: ?
HI I loaded this update and it looks good and has loaded fine,however my istream has stopped working.I stil have icon and it directs me to the files i want but when i press to bring up the file ,the file is empty.Everything else is good after the update.!!!
Will the be a gotham v13 pack added to this wizard ?
hi can you please tell me if you know where i can download iptv simple pvr adddon for android please.
Hi, can anyone explain to me how on xbmc i can hide my ip address to watch US addons and Uk addons ,if anyone can help ,i have the Net 2 Play android box model c2000, any help would be appreciated as i am not an expert on this kind of thing thanks again
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